Jasper Wijnands also known as Shook is a composer, producer, writer and musician based in The Netherlands. He began his musical journey when studying at the University Of the Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His first worldwide success came in 2010 when he released his first electronic music releases. In his own words his work is inspired by: "timeless forces such as love, change and art and originates from 70's, early 80's synth-pop, disco & funk music, anime to futuristic soundtracks'. 
In 2013 he released his self-titled debut album and later released the jazz funk fusion inspired second album 'Spectrum' (2014), from which 'Milestones' was featured in critically acclaimed Breaking Bad spin off 'Better Call Saul' tv show in 2015. He has done remix work for a range of artists including Jamiroquai, Phoenix, Kimbra, Ellie Goulding and many others. 

For all of Shook's original work, please see the Discography page where you can stream and listen.

In mid 2016, he was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Because of this, he has been in hospital care for over a year and continues to recover. He is determined and continues to make music whenever he can. 

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