J.R.F Wijnands A.K.A Shook is an independent producer, composer and musician based in The Netherlands. After graduating at the University of the Arts in Rotterdam he released his first electronic solo work. In his own words his work is inspired by "timeless forces such as love, change and art and originates from the 70's, early 80's synth-pop, disco, funk to anime and futuristic soundtracks'.  

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In 2013 he released his self-titled debut album and later released the synth-pop and jazz funk inspired 'Spectrum' in 2014, from which 'Milestones' was featured in the very first episode of Netflix serie 'Better Call Saul'. Remix works were commissioned from him by major artists as Kimbra, Jamiroquai, Phoenix, Ellie Goulding and many others.   

Mid 2016, Shook was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Because of this, he has been in hospital care for over a year and continues to recover. He is determined to create music whenever he can. Balancing between life and death and being hospitalized for months, Shook started to appreciate life in all its pure and delicate forms. Shook says:

“When I started to write the new songs, it was a form of therapy for me, to let the music go where I couldn’t go. It was nice to have music as an outlet being very ill and between hospital visits” 

His to be released album "Bicycle Ride" takes you into lo-fi paradise. Enjoy the subliminal vibe of mellow melodies arising out of that true vintage piano sound. Sit back and experience the rhythms and pedal through your inner emotions. Shook’s music will take you into a true admiration for melody, rhythm, music in a carefree treadmill of life.  

Listening to the latest productions of Shook is like watching a Ghibli movie with compositions by Joe Hisaishi. While balancing in the twilight zone between awareness and epiphany you can feel the influences by many artistic and obscure composers and musicians, Shook creates a personal form of electronic music. Creating its own melodies on vintage synths, acoustic pianos and recording drum shots to build his rhythm patterns.  

Shook creates an easy-listening experience with a deep appreciation for melody, synths and piano’s, touching the current lo-fi revival connected with producers such as Nujabes. Influenced by the wonderful creations like the "Chrono Trigger" video game soundtrack developed by music composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Inspired by synthesizer pioneer Isao Tomita to 70's and synth pop gurus Yellow Magic Orchestra. Become part of a surrealistic episode of yourself enabling you to safely meet your deepest memories.