creating the new album


Welcome to the section "Process". This section is going to be dedicated about the creation of present and past musical work. I had this idea for a long time, and I am happy it's finally here. 

The first post is going to be about new music I have been working on for the past several months. These songs were recorded between hospital visits. Some were recorded while I was very ill and some where I was a little bit better.
It all started back last year in June 2016. I had a show planned in Bangkok. I planned everything for the gig and was ready to go. The day I had to leave to the airport I had intense stomach pain and I had to cancel the show. That day I had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery. Long story short, it turned out to be a serious form of pancreatitis. I stayed at the hospital for 7 months. During these 7 months I had a lot of serious complications. I had to stay in intensive care twice and during these seven months I had to learn how to walk again.

After these intens months at the hospital, I was aloud to finally go back home again for a short while. I had so much on my mind, and I started writing new music again.



When I was staying at the hospital, a friend of mine brought me the latest Sound On Sound magazines each month so I had something to read, plus it kept me motivated about music. There was one edition where they reviewed the Moog Model D synthesizer. I was so psyched that when I was finally healthy enough to go home again I bought it as a present for myself. 

I remember I had all these thoughts flying around in my head while lying in the sick bed for new music. Some of these were using a synthesizer to record phrases of endless arpeggios and layering these to infinity or melodies that kept coming back to me. I wrote these ideas down and when I finally got home I started recording. Emotionally, the music has always helped me to cope with things. It is really liberating to create music after such a long time. 

During my stay in the hospital, I had so much support from close friends, family, my dear Juliet and my fans. Today, without my followers, I would not be able to make a living out of my music. I am so very thankful for this. 

Meet  Juliet  a vital part of team Shook. Without her there wouldn't be any  vinyl & cd  orders being shipped while I was staying at the hospital. 

Meet Juliet a vital part of team Shook. Without her there wouldn't be any vinyl & cd orders being shipped while I was staying at the hospital. 

creating the artwork

I started writing music between hospital visits. Each time I wen't home I had ideas for new songs. When I was lying in my sick bed, sometimes unable to move, I started thinking about a lot of things. One thing in particular was the time when I was a kid. Life seemed to be so much simpler then.

I remember one rainy day during my childhood. Me and my friends would rush outside, grab our bikes and ride through the rain. It was a celebration, and the feeling of rain on our heads felt so awesome! We would ride with our bikes on sidewalks and slide our bikes through puddles of water. 
When school time was over, I sometimes took the long way back home. I would listen to music on my Sony Discman, and it felt like everything was a soundtrack on these journeys. I always took the roads where there was a lot of nature, trees, flowers, birds and lakes. Thinking back to these moments it feels really kind, calm and warm. 

With these feelings in mind, I started thinking about the visual side of the music. The artwork is always important because for me it must bring the same kind of emotion like the music. I think the visual side must contain the same influences I have for the music it self. I like comics, science fiction, 70's futuristic art, anime and I grew up watching cartoon network and playing video games. I try to capture these elements in the visual side. In the past I worked with Marvel comics artist Stefan Tosheff for the albums: Shook & Spectrum.

For the new album I collaborated with Gustaf Holtenas who also did the artwork for the album "Continuum". 
Early design work for album 4:

For more behind the scenes posts, stay tuned.